Tiny homes and a castle on wheels.

I love unique architecture and I especially love to see what people do with small spaces. Here are a few videos that I wanted to share.

Here a guy turned a storage space into his home. It’s amazing what he did with it. I love the different levels.

This one is a street legal truck that converts into a completely livable castle. Really impressive how they chose to use the space. Very creative.

The last two videos show two slightly different designs from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. These are so cute. I love the idea of parking one of these out in a wooded area and having an instant cabin in the woods. These are built on trailers so they are portable. They are licensed like an RV. I like the design from the kitchen back on the first video and the kitchen and front room on the second video. Although I would put a desk in where they have the window bench. The second video gives a more thorough tour than the first video does.