Stef Sanjati, gender identity and Waardenburg Syndrome.

I just came across this YouTuber and I really liked these videos and wanted to share them here. The first one is sort of a performance art piece. She is reading a poem she wrote about a bad break up while doing a make up transformation. It’s amazing. Explaining it is not going to do it justice, just watch it. The second video is her explaining Waardenburg Syndrome. The rest of the videos deal more with gender identity and show how her views have changed over time. There are more videos but I’m not going to post them all here. She is a professional make up artist and has a lot of make up tutorial videos on her channel as well. She is only 19 but I am thoroughly impressed with her intelligence, her outlook on life and how well she expresses herself. Check her out.

Here is an extra video I’m adding because it’s really cute and funny.

I’m adding these next two videos because I love how great her parents are. I wish everyone had such understanding parents. I’m used to hearing such horror stories about how people’s families react when someone comes out that this is really inspirational to see.


Magic University, Harry Potter slash fiction and Daron’s Guitar Chronicles.

Here is a video of Cecilia Tan reading an excerpt from her Magic University series. The Magic University series is kind of like if Harry Potter had taken place in college and sex was magic. If you ever wished Harry Potter had been a bit more of an adult book you’ll love this series. She reads a sex scene from The Siren and the Sword (Book 1 of Magic University) then reads a short story she wrote called Draco the Wonder Ferret which is Harry Potter slash fiction. (If you don’t know what slash fiction is google it. And if you are curious here is her statement on fan fiction.) Draco the Wonder Ferret is both hot and hysterically funny which is not an easy combination to pull off. Enjoy.

WARNING: NSFW-Probably not something you want to be listening to at work.

My first introduction to Cecilia’s work was Daron’s Guitar Chronicles which I absolutely love. Daron is one of those characters that feels like he is actually one of your friends. I find myself wanting to tell people about what he is up to as if we all hang out together. It helps that due to the wonders of the internet that I can chat with Daron in comments and on Twitter etc. The story is an ongoing web serial. The storyline starts off in 1986 and Daron is now up to the early 1990s in the telling of his story. DGC is a wonderful coming-of-age story. Cecilia does a fantastic job of showing what growing up gay in the 1980s music scene was like. And DGC has been a really fun way to reminisce about the music of the 80s (and now 90s) as well as just remembering what life was like back then. Here is a short video Cecilia did a few years ago for a Kickstarter campaign that explains a bit about DGC.

The Kickstarter campaign was successful and you can now buy Daron’s Guitar Chronicles as real books. You can also get them as ebooks or read it for free online. If you choose to read it for free but would still like to support Cecilia she lists a few ways to donate here.