Tokio Hotel and the cutest dog ever.

I posted another blog about Tokio Hotel here. Check it out.

My list of liked videos on YouTube is getting ridiculously long so I need to post a few of my favorites here before they get too hard to find again.

Here is the making of their latest video “Feel It All” followed by the video.

Here is the making of the “Love Who Loves You Back” video followed by the video.

Here is their video for “Run, Run, Run”. If you think it sounds familiar Kelly Clarkson did a version of it on her latest album.

Here is “Totgeliebt” from their DVD Zimmer 483 Live in Europe.

Here is their video for “Mädchen Aus Dem All”. The song is from 2003 (Bill’s voice hadn’t changed yet) but contains footage up through 2010.

Here is one of Tokio Hotel’s first interviews from 2003. They were called Devilish back then.

There are more videos. Just click the continue reading link below.

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Avocado Mac and Cheese.

I found this link on my friend Jenn’s Facebook page. It sounds awesome so I am posting it here.

Avocado Mac and Cheese

I realize my blog is quickly becoming a place for me to categorize all the things I like so I can easily find them again and I’m ok with that. :-) I hope others enjoy my blog as well but really I’m doing it because I’m enjoying it. And it really does make finding things again much easier.


Rod Stewart & A$AP Rocky Carpool Karaoke & James Corden on Michael McIntyre Chat Show

This amused me more than I would have thought and reminded me that I like Rod Stewart.

After searching YouTube for James Corden I found this video of him on the Michael McIntyre Chat Show. This had me laughing so hard I was crying and my face hurt. I love the BBC. It’s 27 minutes long but totally worth watching. Hysterical. The responses to the ‘Phone Swap’/’Send to All’ texts had me dying. Or more to the point I should say their reactions to when people started responding to the texts had me dying. Michael McIntyre’s facial expressions were priceless. Be sure to watch it till the end. I hope you enjoy.