Thank you WordPress!!! I love my site!!!

I just want to say how much I love the look of my site and I could not have done it without WordPress. I do not know much about computer coding so I needed a website that would be easy to set up. It came down to deciding between WordPress and Squarespace. Squarespace seemed a little easier to work with with their drag and drop feature but WordPress offered more options and I liked the look of the sample WordPress sites better. Plus, I came across a lot of people saying that if you are going to do a serious blog site that you will eventually move to WordPress, so you might as well start there. Basically, all I had to do was find a theme I liked and make a few tweaks so it was just what I wanted and I was up and running. It didn’t take long at all. I already owned my domain name so I just had to add WordPress to my hosting service. All in all pretty awesome.

FYI: WordPress has themes that are much more involved than this. I just happen to like the clean simplicity of this design. It turned out exactly how I wanted.