Learning German and free college.

Due to my obsession with Tokio Hotel, I have been learning German. I have been using Duolingo, Pimsleur, and Rosetta Stone, as well as song lyrics (of course) and watching videos on YouTube.

If you want to learn a new language I highly recommend Duolingo, which is free. They have a website and an app you can use. I recommend using the website for learning new skills and the app for practice. You can use just the app (or just the website) but the website has more detailed information to help you learn that the app doesn’t have. Duolingo has gamified the learning process which makes it fun and helps you to stay motivated. Duolingo has really helped with my reading comprehension. Pimsleur, which is all audio based, has helped with my listening and speaking skills. I haven’t used Rosetta Stone enough to have formed an opinion on it (I have only spent about 5 hours on RS so far) but I can say Rosetta Stone doesn’t really have anything going to keep you motivated to do it. I would say start off with Duolingo and add Pimsleur after you have learned a bit of the vocabulary. Pimsleur recommends you use their software without knowing how to read anything in the language you are trying to learn but for the way I learn I’m happy my reading comprehension was pretty good, at least for the basic vocabulary, before I started Pimsleur. I plan on doing a review comparing all three of these when I finish them. Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone let you try out their software on their websites to see if you like it before you buy it and Duolingo is completely free to use.

Now on to free college. Germany now offers free college to everyone, including international students. And there are some degrees taught completely in English. Check out these videos.

The video below is by one of the YouTubers I watch to help me learn German. The video is in English.

And here is the link he talks about for looking up classes in English. DAAD

Here is another YouTuber I like for learning German. In the next two videos she describes how to make some of the sounds that the German language has that English doesn’t. I’m still working on my pronunciation for the R sounds.