Tokio Hotel and the cutest dog ever.

I posted another blog about Tokio Hotel here. Check it out.

My list of liked videos on YouTube is getting ridiculously long so I need to post a few of my favorites here before they get too hard to find again.

Here is the making of their latest video “Feel It All” followed by the video.

Here is the making of the “Love Who Loves You Back” video followed by the video.

Here is their video for “Run, Run, Run”. If you think it sounds familiar Kelly Clarkson did a version of it on her latest album.

Here is “Totgeliebt” from their DVD Zimmer 483 Live in Europe.

Here is their video for “Mädchen Aus Dem All”. The song is from 2003 (Bill’s voice hadn’t changed yet) but contains footage up through 2010.

Here is one of Tokio Hotel’s first interviews from 2003. They were called Devilish back then.

There are more videos. Just click the continue reading link below.

Here is another interview from when they were quite young.

Here is the video for their first single “Durch Den Monsun” that made them international superstars. The video cuts off the last 30 seconds but I can’t find a better quality video that shows the whole thing.

Here is the English version, “Monsoon”.

Here is the footage from Star Search of Bill sining “It’s Raining Men” when he was 13 years old. He was so cute (and short considering he is like 6’3″ now).

And here is a video of Bill’s dog Pumba because he is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.

Here is a fan made video for the song “Strange” by Tokio Hotel and Kerli. The video contains clips from a Polish movie called Sala Samobójców (Suicide Room). I had watched the movie a few years ago on Netflix (with subtitles because I don’t speak Polish). I liked it. It was an interesting movie. It definitely is not for everyone though. I think the fan that made this video did a good job of editing all the clips together and I think it fits the song well.

Here is the video for Geh (Rock in Rio) Live.

Here is “In Die Nacht” from their DVD Zimmer 483 Live in Europe. Bill says the song is about their relationship as identical twins. It’s so sweet.

I’m sure I’ll post more of their videos on another blog later but this is it for now.


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