Stef Sanjati, gender identity and Waardenburg Syndrome.

I just came across this YouTuber and I really liked these videos and wanted to share them here. The first one is sort of a performance art piece. She is reading a poem she wrote about a bad break up while doing a make up transformation. It’s amazing. Explaining it is not going to do it justice, just watch it. The second video is her explaining Waardenburg Syndrome. The rest of the videos deal more with gender identity and show how her views have changed over time. There are more videos but I’m not going to post them all here. She is a professional make up artist and has a lot of make up tutorial videos on her channel as well. She is only 19 but I am thoroughly impressed with her intelligence, her outlook on life and how well she expresses herself. Check her out.

Here is an extra video I’m adding because it’s really cute and funny.

I’m adding these next two videos because I love how great her parents are. I wish everyone had such understanding parents. I’m used to hearing such horror stories about how people’s families react when someone comes out that this is really inspirational to see.